Luna and the Mirror

Recently I moved to a new place to live, that’s less expensive and closer to work. Yay! Luna is still getting used to it, but she’s doing pretty well. Our morning and evening routine consists of her squeaking at me until I gather up several of her toys, and then I toss each one high over her head so she can leap up and snag int midair. It’s a lot of fun. Sometimes in the evening, if I don’t play enough she will also carry one of her favorite rattle mousies over and drop it in front of me. Often we’ll play fetch for several rounds til she gets bored again. It’s pretty adorable.

One new thing about this place is there are lots of full-length mirrors throughout. Luna has always been fascinated by the other kitten she sees in mirrors or reflective windows. She often squeaks at them and paws at anything that reflects, wanting (I assume) to play with the other cat. She didn’t have experience with full-length mirrors at my last place, though. Which leads me to this amusing encounter.

I was tossing her toys toward the front hallway, and she was scampering after them to chase and catch them. At one point, she came around the corner and caught sight of her own reflection in the coat closet mirror. Instantly her tail poofed up in surprise.

A gray & white cat crouches in front of a mirror, her tail poofed up.

She slunk closer, the fur on her tail slowly lowering as she gained confidence and then finally flattening completely when she came nose-to-nose with the “mystery” cat in the glass.

Are you in there?
Odd, you don’t smell like another cat.
One last sniff- Is there really nobody in there?

She sniffed at the crack between the two mirror panels, thinking perhaps maybe she could smell the kitten imprisoned here, and then looked expectantly back to me, ready for her next toy to be thrown as if nothing unusual had ever happened. Typical cat! I love her so much.

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