Relaunching The Contented Naturalist

So I’m finally relaunching the blog, and simultaneously switching platforms. If you’re following me here from my original site at Blogger, welcome back! If you’re brand new to my thoughts and writing, it’s great to meet you. I hope you enjoy yourself here.

I’m a little out of practice at this point, since it’s been a year or more since my last post at blogger. Sorry about that. So to really kickstart things, I am following a #Blogtober challenge for all of October, 2021. Yes, that means a new post every day! (Inside tip: I plan to write ahead to escape my usual last minute crunch. By the time you read a post it *should* have been finished for several days.)

If you’re a fellow blogger, and would like to join in on the fun, let me know so I can link to your blog in my first Blogtober post! Creativity in how you interpret the prompts is encouraged. For some of the prompts I plan on being pretty literal, but for others the interpretation might be more figurative. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, since I have a long history of being goth (all through high school & college, with swirls of punk thrown in as well).

After the challenge is over, you’ll still see me posting about nature and seasonal events. That’s my deepest passion. I’m always interested to hear your thoughts on what I write, so please feel free to contact me or leave comments. Feel free to share the challenge poster below, as well!

Expect the first official post in a couple days!


One response to “Relaunching The Contented Naturalist”

  1. I love your writing! You’re so expressive.


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