The splash page for this blog’s first incarnation

What is a ghost, anyway? The spirit remaining of something that no longer has a corporeal body. In a way, books are kind of like ghosts— messages sent to us from beyond the grave. Ghosts also still interact with the living world after their bodies have died. So a remnant blog is quite like that.

Although I’d intended to migrate all my first posts over here from my original site at Blogger, it looks like that’s not going to happen. I found instructions to migrate content from Blogger to WordPress, and was all ready to do that… until I tried to log into Blogger. Then I was foiled by the two-factor identification.

I started the original blog at several years ago. I used my cell phone number as my primary contact, and eventually added my (then) husband’s number as a backup. But within the past year I left said husband, and changed my number.

So now I have no way to fulfill Blogger’s two-factor authentication. It keeps sending texts to a number I have no access to! And the backup number is my ex’s. I can’t change either my primary or secondary contact with Blogger because I don’t have access to the old phone. Arrgh.

Anyway, since I intend this to be a continuation of the first Contented Naturalist, I encourage you to go read my old posts there. Maybe someday I’ll be able to move them here. For now they’re just poor little ghosts haunting the edges of the internet.

One response to “Ghosts”

  1. Eager to read what you have to say about Freaky Family! Hope that’s not referring to anyone I know! Great to see you doing this, Jodi!


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